The court of the Artists: Urbino, San Leo and the real views of Renaissance masterpieces

Welcome to a true open-air museum dedicated to the landscapes painted by the genius of Piero della Francesca and easily recognizable in the valleys that were the ancient domain of Montefeltro. Follow our itinerary through the views of the Renaissance painter of Sansepolcro, through picturesque paths between the valleys of the Montefeltro rivers surrounded by […]

Wild herbs for cooking

When you were a child it maybe happened to you to go out and gather mushrooms, berries or chestnuts. During this family days out people gathered real gifts of nature that were wisely turned into jams, marmelades and jellies or into traditional and local dishes whose secrets are now almost lost. Life in cities has […]

Land of dreams

A fantastic adventure in the company of the Montefeltro Elves In the company of multifaceted guides, you will explore the enchanting and magical places where leaves, brooks, birds, animals and stones have created a vast rainbow when they blend together. We will follow the mysterious Book of Elves into the magical world of nature made […]